As a 30-year veteran of pastoral ministry, a Certified Master Life Coach, a Certified Career Consultant, and a Certified Behavioral Consultant, my background includes training, coaching, counseling, vocational consulting, transformative prayer ministry, spiritual direction, and personality styles assessment. Having lived the journey of caring for the whole person, I am applying my journey specifically to ministry leaders in a multi-disciplinary approach to keep pastors relationally, vocationally, emotionally and spiritually healthy, and/or to help them regain their footing if they are spiraling downwards. I experientially know

what it is like to be a pastor,
what questions to ask,
what signs to look for,
how to be a safe haven,
how to move people toward health,
and how to safeguard pastors from burnout and breakdown.

Through Pastors Are People Too, pastors will experience . . .

Understanding and Empathy

I understand the lifestyle, expectations and tensions of a pastor and a pastor’s family

Acceptance and Safety

Everyone, including a pastor, has questions, concerns, struggles, hopes, dreams, disappointments, regrets and desires. You will get zero judgment here on your journey. It is OK to be where you are in life, but it does not mean you need to stay there if you desire something different. Your process is unique to you. Take a deep breath; you couldn’t be in a safer place.

Wisdom and Direction

Sometimes pastors need to process out loud with a safe, knowledgeable leader who has experienced the ups and downs of the journey.  I am committed to helping you discover how to move forward in the areas that you desire. Receive wisdom and spiritual sensitivity, never control or pressure. The goal will be to help you and your family experience a life that works amidst the forces that press against you, both from without and within.