“Pastors Are People Too” involves:

  • Vocational Health
  • Relational Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Spiritual Health

It is important that pastors, who constantly give to others, receive care in their own lives, especially from someone who understands the pastoral journey well. This kind of forward thinking will help safeguard pastors, help them experience the lives they desire, and pay dividends in their own churches.  The services listed below are tailored to the needs of each pastor or pastoral staff, and are available in-person, by Skype or by phone.

The “Pastors Are People Too” well-being care may include any or all of the following:


1.  Discover Your P.L.A.C.E. in the WorldCareer Assessment

Every pastor needs the assurance of being slotted well to competently live out his/her purposes.  Now you can understand yourself better and gain the assurance you need.  Build confidence, clarity and conviction about your vocational path.  Discover:

  • the ways you respond in life
  • the activities that engage you
  • the abilities that come naturally to you
  • the needs you have for your work environment
  • the needs you have for your life
  • if your present job fits who you are
  • if ministry is a good fit for you
  • how a pastoral lifestyle may affect you based upon your personality

2.  Living Intentionally

A pastoral ministry lifestyle presents unique challenges to the well-being of a pastor and family.  We want to safeguard the well-being of these committed individuals with an intentional strategy on the front end.  This strategy can involve:

  • An initial conversation and needs evaluation with a pastor and family
  • An analysis of personal needs, desires, goals and objectives in relation to a vocational ministry lifestyle
  • A “Pastors Are People Too” plan for relational, vocational, emotional and spiritual health based on clearly defined and agreed upon goals and objectives
  • Monthly well-being meetings—discussion, spiritual direction and/or prayer ministry
  • Quarterly spouse check-ins
  • Detailed professional assessment of core traits, interests, skills and values in relation to vocational ministry, combined with consulting and yearly monitoring of goals and objectives around fulfilling the assessment results
  • Behavioral strengths/challenges assessment and consultation for the pastor and spouse regarding their relationship
  • Emergency support for handling stressful situations and dilemmas.

3.  Team Works

Discover a new level of pastoral staff appreciation, camaraderie, and team effectiveness with the “Give Yourself a Hand®” workshop.  As you realize the power of understanding DISC styles, you will discover your team’s strengths, challenges, motivators, annoyances, and fears.

Receive focused attention on the dynamics of your team in order to improve communication, validation and team satisfaction.  Discover how to become a better leader to those around you.  Identify if your team members are best slotted to be fulfilled and successful in their contributions, and receive the insights you need to select new team members who will most likely be the best fit for your team.  Now is the time to create a better staff experience.

4.  Spiritual H.E.L.P.

(Holding on, Emptying out, Listening in, Progressing on) ©Greg Vadala

Experience the freedom to be completely you and engage with whatever you are thinking, feeling, or undergoing in your life with a veteran pastor/spiritual director who understands acceptance, compassion and wisdom.  Experience the space you need to hold on, empty out what is going on inside you, listen in for what will be helpful for you, and progress on in your life. Practice the long-standing tradition of spiritual direction on a regular basis for consistent spiritual health.


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